Somewhere in the world...
it's Time for a Beer.
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The Eternal Beer

Spilled Beer

We went, we saw, we spilled a little beer... but we din't cry over it

A History of the BfE imortalized in 8 bit color at 640x480 spi

 The Belvedere
(which is on the National Register of Historic Places - see Lumsden )

The HallowEEn Parteee! 2006

Battle of the Brews ... Again - 20060420
Blurry but good!

  April 2004 meeting:
Thanks to all of those who supported the 20/30 Club's BrewFest for charity last month, a memorable event to be sure!

March 2004 Field Trip:
- Another sucsessful event at the Battle of the Brews
- The photos were too dark and blurred to post!
- but a good time was had by all.... until the Beer ran out.
Talk about Misson Critical Services and no Back-Up!

Our August 2002 meeting...

It's a New Year
Time for Yet Another Beer
(Okay, you can have more than one if that was your New Year's Resolution)
(Evidence must be submitted in writing, dated prior to 20061231:11:59,
and notarized by a family member or Spouse - yeah right,
or local political leader with authority to sign
and verfy the signatures in a place of legal standing
with a recognized address and at least one working light.)

Friday January 26th

The “Belle”
(the Belvedere on Mendocino near Collage in Santa Rosa)

After 5:00 PM


Hope to see you all