Somewhere in the world...
it's Time for a Beer.
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The Eternal Beer

Events AND News

Another month gone! 
  (It must be time for a beer)

It’s the last week of the month,
and the thoughts of many turn to Beer!
(you know who you are!)


BfE will once again be held at the always available Belvedere.
(Also known as "the Lunsford House")

Well it's Thanksgiving Time Again!
So Maybe we'll do the 23rd and maybe the 30th
Check Back for a final decision!


(See the 'FAQ Bin' above for further information)

Spilled Beer:

Beers For Engineers is a loose collection of Technology Interested People.
We hold semi-regular meetings on the last Friday of the Month.
If you would like more information, please Contact your System Administrator.
If you need more of a reason than Beer - we don't provide Alibi's