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Novell Consulting Toolkit
Novell Developer Support
Novell FTP Site
Novell FTP Site (Europe)
Novell Gopher Site
Novell GroupWise
Novell Inc
Novell Japan Home Page
Novell Labs
Novell ManageWise
Novell NetWare 4
Novell NetWare Web Server
Novell Support
Novell Support (Europe)

NetWare Documentation:

NetWare 4.1,4.02, 3.12 Manuals (English)
NetWare 4.1,4.02, 3.12 Manuals (Espanol)
NetWare 4.1,4.02, 3.12 Manuals (Francais)
NetWare 4.1,4.02, 3.12 Manuals (Deutsch)
NetWare 4.1,4.02, 3.12 Manuals (Italiano)
NetWare 4.1 Manuals (Portugues)
NetWare Web Server 2.0 Manuals
NetWare ManageWise 2.0 Manuals
NetWare/IP 2.1 Manuals
NetWare MPR 3.1 Manuals
NetWare MPR 3.0 Manuals
NetWare Connect 2.0 Manuals
NetWare Mobile 1.0 Manuals
LAN WorkPlace 5.0 Manuals
LANalyzer for Windows 2.2 Manuals
NetWare NFS 2.1 Manuals
UnixWare 2.0 Documentation
UnixWare 2.0 Reference Manuals
TUXEDO 5.0 RTK Manuals
NetWare SDK (Release 8) Manuals
NetWare SDK (Release 7) Manuals
NetWare SDK (Release 6, Multiplatform Client SDK) Manuals
NetWare MHS Mail Slots SDK Manuals
NetWare SAA Tools 2.0 SDK Manuals
UnixWare 2.0 SDK Manuals
TUXEDO 5.0 SDK Manuals
LAN Workshop Manuals
Macintosh Connectivity Manuals
NetWare AppleTalk Interface for NLMs SDK Manuals

Misc. Novell related sites

Connectotel's site with Novell documentation/software
Freeware Novell NetWare DOS Utilities
NDS Utilities
NetWare Patches and Updates
FAQ Novell Netware Patches and Updates

Macintosh Computer & Network Security
Assoc. of Mac Trainers
DV Cafe
Focus On Mac Support
Mac Digital Hub Site
Mac Hints & Tips
SuperCard Resource
SyQuest Support

Linux/Unix Flavors
UNIX / Linux Links
UNIX main page Our section which includes information about UNIX as well as each of the UNIX commands. Page also includes a wide listing of UNIX and LINUX variants and additional information about each of the variants.
UNIX / variants Local page with information about UNIX as well as listing of UNIX variants.
Linux / variants Local page with information about Linux as well as listing of Linux variants.
UNIX / Linux history Local page with information and the history of UNIX and Linux.
AIX Additional information about the IBM AIX UNIX variant.
BSD Additional information about BSD, BSDi, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
HP-UX Additional information about Hewlett Packard HP-UX.
IRIX Additional information about SGI IRIX.
MINIX Information about MINIX.
QNX Additional information about QNX.
SCO Additional information about SCO.
Sun Solaris Information about Sun Solaris
Tru64, DUNIX, OSF/1 Additional information about Tru64.
Xenix Information about Xenix and Xenix variants.
BSDi Home page for BSDi widely used internet OS.
Debian Linux Home page of Debian Linux the free operating system included with 3950 packages.
FreeBSD Home page of FreeBSD a BSD UNIX operating system.
HP-UX Home page of Hewlett Packard HP-UX.
IBM Server / AIX Additional information and documentation on IBM's UNIX servers and AIX documentation.
Mandrake Linux Home page of Linux Mandrake a popular and widely used Linux variant.
Linux-Directory A excellent page with Linux information and software and hundreds of links to other related pages.
TLDP A fantastic site containing hundreds of various Linux related documents and pages containing Linux help. A great page with LINUX news and information.
MINIX Home page of MINIX.
NetBSD Home page of NetBSD a free muti-platform version of BSD.
OpenBSD Home page of OpenBSD a free multi-platform version of BSD.
QNX Home page of QNX.
Red Hat Linux Home page of Red Hat Linux a popular and widely used Linux variant used by end-users and businesses.
SCO Home page of SCO.
Sun Home page of Sun -  Sun Solaris and Star Office
SuSE Linux Home page for SuSE Linux another commonly used Linux variant in the business market.
Tru64 UNIX Additional information and documentation on Tru64 UNIX from Compaq.
Turbolinux Home page of Turbolinux operating system.
Vector Linux Home page of Vector Linux available for free download or for a small purchase price if needed on CD. Worldwide consortium empowered with the stewardship and collaborative development of the X Windows System technology and standards.
Caldera Caldera company information. 
Compaq Compaq company information.
Digital Digital company information.
Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard company information.
IBM IBM company information.
Microsoft Microsoft company information.
Novell Novell company information.
SCO SCO company information.
Sun Sun company information.

Sitebuilder network
Microsoft Certification Exam Resource Page

Network Related Companies:

Acer Inc
Ameritech APC
Apple Computer
Arcade Software Inc
ASP Computer Products
AT&T Wireless Services
Attachmate Corp
Avalan Technologies
Banyan Vines
Bay Networks Inc.
Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile
Berkeley Software Design Inc.
CallWare Tech.
Cisco Systems Inc
Citadel Computer
Comtrol Corp.
Conner Peripherals
Cray Communications
Datum Inc.
Dell Computer Corp.
Digital Equipment Corp.
Extended Systems
Farallon Communications Inc.
Fujitsu ICL
Funk Software Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Lanworks tech.
Micro House Intl.
Network General
Network Peripherals
Network Utillities
Notification Technologies
Performance Technology
PinPoint Software Corp.
Procom Technology
Quaterdeck Corp.
ServiceWare Inc.
Tricord Systems Inc
Tripp Lite
Unisys Corp.
Western Digital Corp.
Win 95 LAN FAQ
Zenith Data Systems

Network related sites:

Client/Server Coffehouse
Computer protocols FAQ List
Connectivity Information
Cryptography and Security
Ethernet Page
Freeware Novell NetWare DOS Utilities
GeneSYS Informatica
High performance networking
Informative Network Links
Internetworking and Networking Sites
Local Area Networks
NDS Utilities
NetWare Patches and Updates FAQ
NetWare Products Patches
Networking Information
Network Management
Network protocols
Network Protocols FAQ List
Novell NetWare FAQ
Novell NetWare FAQ List
Novell Netware Patches and Updates
Novell Utilities
System Administration
TCP/IP, SLIP and PPP Sites
The Dilbert Zone
This week's popular Novell-Netware downloads

Network Newsgroups


Network User Groups:

NetWare Users Intl.

Online Magazines and publishers

Acropolis Dedicated to electronic publishing with Adobe.
BackOffice Magazine-Windows NT
Boardwatch Magazine Magazine for the BBS operator and ISP
Byte Magazine For the serious computer professional
CADalyst For the CAD user
CommunicationsWeek Major magazine for the telecom industry
Computer Currents Regional issues on computing events & products.
Computer Info Centre Excellent online publication on computing and networking
Computer ResellerNews For the computer reseller industry
Computer Retail Week
Computer Shopper Source for comparitive prices
Computer Sun Times
CyberSpace Today
Data Communications Excellent magazine for the data communications pro
Datamation For the IT professional
Digital Video Reviews & tutorials on the world of digital media
EE Times Interactive
High Technology Careers Magazine
Home PC Good general magazine for the layperson
HotWired Online Magazine
InformationWeek For the IT professional
Intel's SMARTNetwork Solutions
Internetwork Magazine
Internet Magazine "Mega Site"
Internet World Good coverage of the Internet industry
LAN Times/Online Good magazine for keeping up with network computing
Macmillan Computer Publishing
MacNet Journal
Mac User News and features on new hardware & components.
Mac Week News on all the latest Macintosh developments.
MacTech Magazine All the latest Macintosh development news.
MacWorld Magazine Mac news, reviews, columns & buyers tools.
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine for the Microsoft Certified Professional or wannabe
Microsoft Magazine Tips, tricks & previews of upcoming software.
Microsoft Systems Journal For the serious Microsoft programmer/analyst
Mobile computing & communications Magazine
NetGuide Good general Internet coverage
Netware Connection
Network(formerly LAN Magazine) Good magazine for keeping up with network computing industry
Network Computing Magazine
NetworkWorld Fusion-Network World's Online Magazine
PC Computing
PC Laptop Online Monthly magazine on laptops & their components.
PC Magazine News on PCs, web browsers & other software.
PC Week For the IT professional
PC World Good general coverage
PC World Online Source for PC buyers & users with news & reviews
PowerPC News
Sybex Computer Books Magazine
Telepath Magazine
Telephony Magazine
Thomson Computer Press
VAR Business: Online Edition
WEB Developers Journal
Webmaster Magazine
WEB Techniques Magazine
Windows NT Magazine Excellent magazine on NT
Windows NT Systems
Windows Rag Online Computer Magazine
Windows Sources Good general windows coverage
Windows 95 Magazine
Windows Internet Magazine News on Win95, WinNT plus software downloads.
ZdNet Publisher of major computer/Internet magazines.
ZiffNet/Mac Macintosh coverage

Network publications:

Addison-Wesley publishing company
IDG books
Microsoft Press
New Riders Publishing
Novell Press
Prentice hall
NetWare Connection Bookstore

Network Management
Network Management Information Network Management site with focus on corporate networks
The Network Management Forum  promotes the acceptance and implementation of a common, service-based approach to the management of networked information system
The Interoperability Lab Networking Consortium Index
Network Management Resource Database Links to a many networking resource pages
International Journal of Network Management Aim, scope and subscription info

Tutorials/Papers on Network Management
Network Performance Management Issues and Strategies  INS White Paper
Network management white papers
Frequently asked questions on many network management topics, including 10BaseT, cabling, Ethernet, SNMP, TCP/IP, etc.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Might Not Be Magic Elixir  INS
Making Service Level Agreements Work  INS

 Network Management Companies
     Computer Associates
     Hewlett Packard
     IBM Networking
     Network General 

Network Performance Information
Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC)    
Benchmarking Methodology Working Group (bmwg)  makes recommendations concerning the measurement of the performance characteristics of various internetworking technologies     
Load and Performance Testing Company Listing

Application-level network testing:  Effective strategies for service-oriented IT departments     
Nightmares in Network Performance  A light-hearted tale of why today's network performance measurements are stranger than most people realize!     
RMON 2 :- An Overview  White Paper, SolCom Systems     
RMON2 Backgrounder  3Com Systems    
SNMP's Remote Monitoring MIB--RMON  White Paper, Nathan J. Muller    
Remote Monitoring for Switched Internetworks (RMON and RMON2)  White Paper, Cisco Systems     
Measured interference of network security mechanisms with network performance    Paper     
The Impact of Self-Similarity on Network Performance Analysis  Simulation study     
Performance Evaluation: APPN vs. HPR  Report investigating the end-to-end performance differences between APPN and HPR.     
Ethernet Workgroup Switch Evaluation  Report

Testing Labs
The Tolly Group     
Network Computing's Labs    
MCNC Network Testing Services    
National Software Testing Labs (NSTL)   
Communications Week   
Data Communications     
LAN Times     
Network Magazine

Frame Relay Information

The Frame Relay Forum 
Frame-Relay Resources  Resource page with links to Frame-Relay information
Frame-Relay FAQ
1996/97 Industry Study- Frame Relay Access Devices (FRADs)  The Tolly Group  (1/97)

Frame Relay in the News
A Louder Call for Frame Relay Voice "Public data network operators make a pitch to carry corporate voice traffic over Frame relay services" (12/96)
Frame Relay "Get in on the act"  NetWork Week
WAN Bandwidth Prices Decline "New breed of frame-relay services set to make T-3 affordable"  LAN Times (11/12/96)
Suitable for Frame Relay   Service providers target remote access via dial-up lines and ISDN (11/96)

Ethernet Information

The Ethernet Page maintained by the University of Texas.  Includes links to info on ethernet

10Mb Ethernet
10 Mb Ethernet quick reference guides 
10 Mb Ethernet technical information 
10 Mb Ethernet test suites (University of New Hampshire)
100Mb Ethernet (Fast Ethernet)
100 Mb Ethernet quick reference guides
100 Mb Ethernet technical information and links
The Fast Ethernet Consortium  information on contacts, activities etc.(University of New Hampshire)
Fast Ethernet Page maintained by Dan Kegel
Fast Ethernet  Fast Ethernet Information Page (3com)
Fast Ethernet test suites  (University of New Hampshire)

Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet Overview   White Paper
Gigabit Ethernet FAQ
Gigabit Ethernet Comparison Summary  comparison of 10Mb Ethernet, 100 Mb Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet technical information and links
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance 

Gigabit Ethernet in the news
Gigabit Ethernet: Fat Pipe or Pipe Bomb?  Data Communications (5/97)
Gigabit Ethernet: The Difference Is In the Details  Data Communications (5/97)
Megabucks for Gigabit Ethernet  (10/4/96)
The Ascent Of Gigabit Ethernet [email protected] Week -- (8/22/96)
Gigabit Gold Rush Communications Week  (8/19/96)
Death to ATM The Red Herring  (7/96)

Categories of link groups

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Broadband references from Nortel
Calendar of events from InternetWeek Magazine
Career Resources and Personnel Services
Certification Programs in the industry...
Computing resources
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Gene's Telecommunications Page Goodman's Bookmarks by Steve Goodman... with over 100,000 references for IT professionals
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Internet Technical Reports and stats
Magazines online-Networking and computing
Multimedia technologies
Network Management
Novell Resources and documentation
Organizations and Trade Associations
Reference tools
Security Information
Standards bodies
TCP/IP Resources List by Uri Raz
Technical Book publishers
Technical Reports
Telecommunications general information
Telecom Digest by Patrick Townson
Networking References- courtesy of Network Evolutions Inc
Net Tools Online (English and Portuguese)-from Brazil
Net Tools Online download library English and Portuguese)-VERY comprehensive-from Brazil
The Phone Zone
Vendor sites
WKMN-Wiesner-Kikuchi Media Network
Windows NT Magazine Resource center